Loparex avoids $333k in compliance risks with SHI’s Optimized License Position service.

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Loparex is a leading developer and producer of release liners and engineered films.


SHI’s Optimized License Position (OLP) service identified risks and license surpluses totaling $350k in excess spend.

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    Worth of surplus licenses discovered.


    Years of managed services provided by SHI.


    Worth of compliance risks identified.

    SHI’s software asset management experts help Loparex optimize their Microsoft license position and avoid huge compliance risks.


    Loparex is a leading developer and producer of release liners and engineered films. They have over 100 years’ experience serving customers with in-depth technical expertise and industry-leading technology. Their vast portfolio spans healthcare, tapes, electronics, building and construction, hygiene, industrial graphics, and more.

    No matter an organization’s size, preparing for a Microsoft renewal is always a daunting task. But having just completed an acquisition, Loparex’s internal resources were stretched to full capacity – just as two of their Microsoft agreements were approaching expiration.

    Loparex turned to SHI, their trusted service provider, to lift the strain from their internal IT and ensure they would remain both compliant and right-sized for their present and future software needs.


    SHI’s objective was to provide what Microsoft calls an Effective License Position (ELP) – which would compare Loparex’s license entitlements to their real-time deployments and identify any gaps or underutilization within their organization.

    To do this, we conducted our Optimized License Position (OLP) in a short-term engagement. Over the course of multiple weeks, SHI’s software asset management (SAM) team worked with key stakeholders to create a single, reliable view of entitlements and take inventory of all software deployments.

    During our engagement, SHI identified Loparex’s current risks and areas of exposure. As a result of the initial engagement, Loparex realized that they needed long-term support to continue remediation efforts.


    SHI’s initial OLP engagement uncovered $333k worth of potential risk as well as $22k in surplus software assurance (SA).

    To help mitigate these identified risks, Loparex agreed to work with SHI in a three-year managed service engagement in which we provide documented processes, quarterly reviews, ongoing data collection, license optimization, and bespoke reporting.

    This agreement enables Loparex to maintain ongoing visibility of their environment with quarterly proactive reviews and reports from their team at SHI.

    “Thank you to everyone individually and to the collective team for the work that resulted from our ITAM engagement. I believe there was tremendous value from this project. We have a greater awareness of the responsibility and cost (acquisition and ongoing) for our environment.”

    - Art Allmon, Global Compliance and Governance Manager, Loparex


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