Software asset management firm leverages SHI AWS Managed Services to improve ITAM capabilities

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A U.S. software asset management firm


SHI leveraged AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Managed Services to support the customer’s needs.

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    Standardized infrastructure/resource deployment with AWS Service Catalog

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    Decreased customer infrastructure/resource onboarding SLA

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    Offloaded infrastructure administration and management while providing detailed reporting on end-user expenses with AWS Cost Explorer

    AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Managed Services support client expansion.


    The customer’s legacy environment was on-premises and handled by their current IT staff, but they required a dedicated cloud environment to better support their software asset management capabilities. The customer needed a solution to help with onboarding new clients, deploying infrastructure upgrades, and maintaining their environment.

    Some of their significant challenges included:

    • Non-standardized architecture/resources for end-user environments.
    • Increasing end-user infrastructure/resource onboarding time.
    • An undocumented change management process for software asset management upgrades.
    • Increasing operational overhead that comes with administrating end users’ public cloud environments.
    • Decreasing visibility into operating expenses.


    To understand the pros and cons of their existing on-premises legacy environment, SHI’s Managed Services documented the customer’s current end-user onboarding process. Our AWS team modified the process to complement an existing AWS Control Tower deployment we were originally supporting. This allowed us to leverage the AWS Service Catalog for resource provisioning and ensure the new environment followed AWS best practices. The AWS Service Catalog not only met the challenges of the increased end-user onboarding time, but also helped with managing a growing set of end-user environments. The catalog included all products the customer leverages for their software asset management practice.

    Our experts then tested the process and onboarded the customer’s AWS organization onto SHI’s AWS Managed Services, which added the following value:

    • Provided a seamless transition from professional services to managed services.
    • Managed the end-user infrastructure onboarding process.
    • Redefined their infrastructure administration processes to align with business requirements.
    • Managed their infrastructure deployment and maintenance.
    • Reported on operational expenses for end users.
    • Provided insight into new AWS services/features.


    The solution enabled the customer to focus on software asset management and consultation with their end users. At the same time, it ensured that their infrastructure is standardized, automated, scalable, AWS best practices-compliant, and proofed for the future. Other significant benefits included:

    • Standardized infrastructure/resource deployment with AWS Service Catalog.
    • Reduced customer infrastructure/resource onboarding SLA.
    • Offloaded infrastructure administration and management.
    • Detailed reporting on end-user expenses with AWS Cost Explorer.
    • Increased focus on asset reporting and customer consultation.
    • Decreased need for internal IT hiring.
    “SHI leveraged AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Managed Services to support the customer’s needs.”

    - SHI’s infrastructure experts


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