SHI's strategic ITAM services unleash massive potential savings for HR tech firm

Customer profile

An HR firm enhancing workforce management services




    $21.7M and $362M

    Worth of mitigated risk and funds identified for Java upgrades, respectively


    Potentially saved in M365 subs from persona profiling review


    The customer’s increased ITAM maturity score (from below 2)

    Overcoming an Oracle audit challenge, SHI bolstered a people-centric HR company's ITAM maturity, mitigated $21.7M risk, and identified a potential $362M in savings.


    In 2018, an HR tech firm faced a significant challenge. An impending Oracle audit had instilled a deep fear within the company. They were grappling with what to do, burdened by limited resources, and had just one individual addressing the situation. What’s more, their toolset was rudimentary, as they dealt with sparse, decentralized data. It was clear that the company urgently needed assistance to navigate this challenging period and elevate their work experience.


    In response to these challenges, SHI stepped in and provided an array of services. Our experts dealt first with the Oracle audit, building trust and confidence within the company. Only then could a strategic long-term plan be created.

    Next, services were established with four key publishers in the environment: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and VMware. An ITAM process maturity assessment was conducted, providing new goals, objectives, and targets. This strategy enabled the customer to achieve quick cost savings and risk mitigation wins. It also helped build a compelling business case to expand their internal team and scope.

    The publisher scope was specifically extended in 2020 to seven, and SaaS cost optimization was introduced in 2021 with the deployment of the Zylo platform—all complemented by the SHI service wrapper.


    By the end of 2023, the customer team expanded to six, driven by the success of SHI's toolsets. Now, the company is seeking to acquire its own in-house solution in 2024. Their confidence in managing their core publishers has been strengthened, and they utilized knowledge share to handle several smaller vendors internally.

    Notably, they also increased their ITAM maturity score from below 2 to over 3, shifting their ITAM team's focus toward a strategic and governance role.

    The 2023 results showed:

    • $261K of realized hard savings.
    • $1.5M actionable at Q1 2024 renewal with potential $9M savings identified through persona profiling for M365 subscriptions.
    • $21.7M of mitigated risk and a further $362M identified for Java upgrades.

    Overall, the customer was happy with the results that were delivered—courtesy of SHI’s ITAM services.

    “By the end of 2023, the customer team expanded to six, driven by the success of SHI's toolsets.”

    - SHI’s ITAM experts


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