SHI’s software licensing expertise helps a not-for-profit healthcare provider save over $5M.

Customer profile

A not-for-profit healthcare provider equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities.


SHI saved our customer over $5 million by optimizing their software usage and eliminating risk.

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Savings realized by optimizing the customer’s end-user device and data center software.


Potential risk eliminated by identifying required Oracle Java SE upgrades.


Improvement in software usage by removing unused titles and renegotiating at future renewal points.

SHI's proactive management and guidance helped a not-for-profit healthcare provider achieve over $5M in savings.


A not-for-profit healthcare provider needed help overcoming challenges in their end-user device and data center management. They also wanted to work with a service provider who could provide a clear line of sight into managing their Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware usage.

Because of our proven IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities, the healthcare provider turned to SHI for help.


SHI employed a continuous improvement ethos via proactive project and customer success management. We consistently reviewed service delivery, processes, and methodologies to meet the customer’s current and future needs. This included:

  • Aligning pricing and contracts to the customer’s cost structures, savings goals, and risk profiles.
  • Providing ongoing guidance, data analysis, and feedback to help implement cost savings and mitigations.

We took proactive ownership of the overheads and domain-specific challenges the customer faced, enabling them to focus on their core mission of providing quality healthcare.


Since our service’s inception, the customer has realized $779,393 in savings by optimizing Microsoft end-user device software and data center servers.

We eliminated potential risk worth $2.86M by identifying required Oracle Java SE upgrades down to the user/device level. We also identified additional potential savings worth $2.2M in software usage by removing unused titles, renegotiating at future renewal points, and other end-user remediation actions still in progress.

“We took proactive ownership of the overheads and domain-specific challenges the customer faced, enabling them to focus on their core mission of providing quality healthcare.”

- SHI’s ITAM experts


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