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Case Studies

A person standing outdoors, wearing a light-colored shirt and a straw hat, holding a tablet or clipboard. Behind them, a red tractor is parked on a grassy field

From $483K to zero: Southern States Co-Op turns to SHI for audit support  

SHI guided Southern States Co-Op through a daunting licensing audit maze.

Global transportation leader achieves 25.7% AWS cost reduction with SHI  

SHI's expert services optimized AWS usage with critical insight, achieving cost reduction and business growth.

Two healthcare professionals, one in blue and the other in white, are focused on a laptop

SHI helps healthcare leader optimize their license position  

SHI’s ITAM team saved the company millions by optimizing their license position

A person wrapped in a checkered blanket is sitting comfortably on a chair, engrossed in using a tablet

Global publisher enhances Oracle management and achieves $1.6M in savings  

SHI provided tailored Oracle Managed Services to address significant challenges in a complex software estate.

A scientist in a lab coat and gloves is examining a blue liquid in a test tube while holding a tablet, with colleagues working in the background

Global biopharma leader ensures compliance and significant savings with SHI's ITAM services  

SHI’s ITAM services helped with Microsoft compliance support, risk mitigation, and cost management.

Group of employees huddled together around a male in a suit shi halo in background

U.S. federal contractor optimizes operations and savings with SHI’s SAM services  

Leveraging SHI's comprehensive platform, a U.S. Federal contractor achieved significant cost savings and improved operational transparency.

A person in a lab coat and gloves is using a microscope in a laboratory

Biomedical firm saves nearly $1M with SHI's IT asset management  

Leveraging SHI's IT asset management (ITAM) services, a leading biomedical company significantly reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiency.

A person is working on a laptop while talking on a cellphone

SHI helps a global telecom giant improve its long-term sustainability efforts  

By analyzing carbon emissions and energy consumption, SHI provides a path toward greater sustainability.

Two professional individuals are engaged in a discussion at a desk

SHI's strategic ITAM services unleash massive potential savings for HR tech firm  

SHI bolstered a people-centric HR company's ITAM maturity, mitigated $21.7M risk, and identified a potential $362M in savings.

Three professionals in professional attire, collaborating around a computer in a well-lit office setting

SHI transforms Microsoft licensing challenges into $1.5M in savings  

SHI's comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) services transformed licensing challenges into over $1.5M in savings.

A worker in safety gear, seated on a high platform amidst industrial structures, reviewing documents

GCI leans on SHI's decades of licensing experience to gain visibility and realize huge savings  

SHI's ITAM team optimized GCI's licensing position, providing insights that saved them millions.

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