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Partnership with SHI

SHI and F5 deliver real-world solutions to the problems customers are experiencing in today’s evolving ecosystems. Through our partnership, the world’s largest businesses, service providers, government entities, and consumer brands rely on F5 to deliver and secure their applications and services while ensuring people stay connected.


Innovate and Thrive In the Cloud. F5 helps power the infrastructure of some of the largest cloud environments in the world.

Customers are extending applications from physical data centers to public and private cloud and SaaS. With F5’s unified platform, we help maintain application performance and control across environments.

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Cloud is the new reality

The cloud is transforming the way businesses deploy and manage applications. Smarter tools and limitless scale make it possible to improve agility, automate processes, and increase speed to market in ways traditional IT infrastructure can’t touch. Companies of all sizes, across all industries, are taking part in this digital evolution.

Move to the Cloud

An app-centric strategy helps organizations maintain control over applications in the cloud. By extending the same availability, performance, and security services across environments—on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or a mix (hybrid)—organizations can be confident their apps will provide the same user experience wherever they’re deployed. The same policies that govern applications in the data center can be applied in the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Confidence

Because F5 provides critical application delivery services consistently across the data center, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid users experience the availability and performance they expect.

Secure Apps Anywhere

Security capabilities can vary across environments. F5 application protection and security services use deep app intelligence and visibility to provide a consistent level of protection wherever your apps reside.

Gain Increased Business Agility

Using F5 application delivery services across environments gives you the flexibility to scale at will based on shifting hardware, software, and on-demand requirements.

Take F5 with You to the Cloud

Whether you’re architecting a private cloud, migrating and re-architecting existing apps to a public cloud IaaS provider, moving to Software as a Service (SaaS), deploying applications in a hybrid environment, or trying to ensure business continuity, an app-centric strategy lets you deploy applications in the cloud with confidence. Plus, flexible licensing options are available, based on where you want to deploy. Preserve your flexibility in the cloud.


You can't secure what you can't see.

Protect your applications—the door to your data and your business.

Complete Visibility and Control at Scale

Like packages shipped from Point A to Point B, applications—along with their users and data—are exposed to enormous risk as they travel from device to data center server and back again. F5 secures access to applications from anywhere while protecting them wherever they reside. Based on an elastic security services fabric, F5 helps businesses protect sensitive data and intellectual property while minimizing application downtime and maximizing end-user productivity.

Identity and Access Management

Secure User Access to Apps. Application-focused access and identity services are critical to maintaining a positive security posture while enabling users to access applications from anywhere at any time. With access and identity architectures based on full user, application, and network context awareness, F5 enables single-sign on and federation of application access across the data center and into the cloud, while maintaining the integrity of data through comprehensive endpoint inspection and anti-malware services.

Data Center Security

Protect the Application Where It Resides. The increasing sophistication, frequency, and diversity of today’s network attacks are overwhelming conventional stateful security devices at the edge of the data center. The F5 Application Delivery Firewall (ADF) solution is a modern threat mitigation platform that provides complete protection from the bottom to the top of the network stack. A convergence of highly scalable security products and services, ADF architectures are ideal for protecting Internet-facing data-center-applications, wherever they reside.

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Application Delivery

Today’s app revolution requires an application delivery evolution.

Build a unified application delivery architecture that provides security, stability, and agility.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Users expect applications to always work—and work fast—on any device. If organizations fail to meet these expectations, it has never been easier for customers to find alternatives. F5’s expertise in intelligent traffic management serves as the foundation for our application availability and delivery solutions.

Core Capabilities for Optimizing Applications

Load balancing isn’t dead—it has evolved into something much greater. While it remains a core functionality for delivering any application, traditional load-balancing has moved beyond the network to encompass a range of security, performance and management services. As leaders in the application services industry, F5’s expertise in helping power fast, available, and secure applications forms the foundation for our entire catalog of solutions.

Application Availability

Any device. Anytime. Anywhere. Not only are employees accessing enterprise applications on mobile devices, they’re increasingly using their own devices. Making applications always available anywhere on any device is critical to lowering costs and maximizing productivity. With F5, you can remove the roadblocks in your network to efficiently and securely deliver applications that are available to users when and where they need them.

Application Performance

Load quickly. Perform flawlessly. Users expect fast, uninterrupted access to rich, dynamic applications wherever they are. If organizations fail to meet these expectations, it has never been easier for users to find alternatives. With F5, you can accelerate your application response time, minimize latency and delays, and reduce the number of data round trips necessary to complete a web request.

Protect Your Data
2017 Report: The State of Application Delivery

Exploration of the deployment landscape, market trends and drivers for app services

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is about making the network more flexible and responsive so that organizations are better positioned to respond to these challenges.

More applications, evolving security threats, demands for faster deployment, and an explosion of new devices are all pushing traditional IT models to their limits.

It Doesn’t Work Without Application Delivery

F5 understands applications. We have been helping businesses gracefully navigate application delivery challenges since day one and remain perfectly positioned to deliver the software-defined application services required to ensure seamless user experiences.

Integration Is Key

Much of the promise of SDN revolves around simplified orchestration and management. To get there, SDN vendors need to be tightly integrated and aligned around common standards. As the bridge between applications and the underlying network routers and switches, F5 works with leading network and SDN providers to ensure the seamless integration our customers require. We’re also a key participant in OpenStack as well as virtual desktop and other initiatives that are converging around SDN. F5 is working closely with all of the key players to mitigate the risks and increase the value of SDN for our customers.

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