Powering and Protecting Applications

Whether it is apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs—we help deliver and secure extraordinary digital experiences.

Secure Your Apps and API's

How to Secure your Web Applications

Deliver, manage and secure API's as well as the infrastructure used to host them, regardless of your architecture.

Define, publish, secure, monitor and analyze API's

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10 Best Practices for Keeping Your Data and Infrastructure Safe

Get a better understanding of the risks API's can pose to your data and infrastructure, and what you can do to secure them.

Modern App and API Security Thumbnail
Modern App and API Security

Discover methods for securing real-time API's including bot protection, API management, gateways and WAFs.

Secure Every App Anywhere

Think Application Security First

Mitigate today's advanced threats and continue moving your business forward.

Sign up for a free security assessment and see if you are susceptible to any known vulnerabilities.

Choosing the waf thats right for you Image
Choosing the WAF That's Right For You

Applications are architected in many ways but all need protection from threats. Learn what's important to consider when choosing a WAF.

Protect against owasp top 10 ebook Image
Protect Against the OWASP Top 10 Security Threats

Learn about the top 10 web application security risks and how to protect your organization from them.

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Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities

Get tips on the best, most effective ways to proactively mitigate app vulnerabilities, increase app security and reduce risk.

Mitigate Bots and Other Automated Attacks

Stop Online Fraud

Remove unwanted automation that can lead to account takeover and fraud.

Understand what makes your company a prime target for cybersecurity threats.

Breaking Down Bots Image
Breaking Down Bots

Filter out bot traffic to get good business intelligence, prevent fraud and maximize customer experiences.

Protect Apps and the Business Image
Protect Apps and the Business

Customers demand simplicity. Apps are complex. Attackers are motivated. Security must adapt and protect apps without friction.

Understanding the Economics Behind Cyber Attacks Image
Understanding the Economics Behind Cyber Attacks

Understand what makes your company a prime target for cybersecurity threats.


The State of Application Delivery in 2021 Thumbnail
The State of Application Delivery in 2021

Rapid digital transformation makes an application strategy a business imperative.

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Credential Stuffing in 2021

Explore the latest attack trends and tools of credential stuffing.

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