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CA Technologies helps customers succeed in a future where every business—from apparel to energy—is being rewritten by software. From planning to development to management to security, at CA we create software that fuels transformation for companies in the application economy.

Partnership with SHI

As an authorized partner of CA Technologies, SHI has been selling CA software for close to a decade. Our sales teams jointly engage to provide solutions that help customers navigate digital transformation through Agile, DevOps and Security with our Modern Software Factory.Contact SHI 


Security designed from the outside in

Today, security is more than just a challenge for your business. It’s also an opportunity to win customer loyalty and boost employee productivity. With identity-centric security solutions from CA, you can make sure that everyone—from your customers to your partners and employees—has seamless access to the right data. They’ll enjoy a flawless user experience, no matter what device or platform they’re using.

Security Products
  • CA Privileged Access Management
  • CA Identity Suite
  • CA Single Sign-On
  • CA Advanced Authentication

Leveraging Security for Protection and Profit

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Enabling and Securing Digital Transformation

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Using Threat Analytics to Protect Privileged Access and Prevent Breaches

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Modern Identity and Access Management

Modern Software Factory

To succeed in the application economy, your customers need to deliver digital experiences that enable them to win, keep and serve their customers effectively. They need a Modern Software Factory.


Incorporate Security Testing into Your Development Practice

Security must be included in the development process from the beginning, making it part of the entire DevOps lifecycle. You need to empower developers to be able to test and find vulnerabilities in the code they create as they develop it. By employing DevSecOps, companies can build, test, secure and rollout software quickly and efficiently, providing more resilient software that’s more resistant to hacker attacks.

DevSecOps Products
  • CA Continuous Delivery
  • CA API Management
  • CA Application Performance Management
  • CA App Experience Analytics
  • CA Test Data Management

DevSecOps: Incorporate security testing into you dev practices

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Solution Brief

Incorporate Security Testing Into Your Dev Practices

Agile Management

Your agility journey starts here

Agile Management is your key to success in the application economy. But figuring out how to get started can be tough. Not anymore. CA Agile Central will help your entire organization operate as ONE powerful agile team. Being agile gives development teams the power to plan, prioritize, and track their work. It also gives your organization the visibility to stay aligned with your business goals allowing teams to be nimble when rules change and keep you moving forward to meet deadlines and improve customer experiences.

CA Technologies has the expertise to help you effectively implement agile practices and techniques—plus the right technologies to support your agile evolution. We’ll give you the flexibility to fine-tune your approach on the go. And we’ll support you with deep insights into funding, resources and investments so you can always move faster, smarter.

With Agile Management, CA brings the most comprehensive solution to help customers gain business agility required in the application economy and use it to their advantage.

Agile Management Products
  • CA Agile Central
  • CA Project & Portfolio Management
  • CA Service Management

Agile Central: Introducing the Agile Platform

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Business Agility Survival Guide

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