Case Study:

Managed Mobility Solutions Leader Saves Millions Streamlining Cloud Usage

SHI and CloudHealth Technologies help customer save over $1 million a year by managing unpredictable AWS billing and consumption


Customer Profile

A global leader in managed mobility solutions.


The customer was having a hard time managing Amazon Web Services' (AWS) billing platform, including client usage and the subsequent billing process for one of their customer-facing applications.


Data Center

SHI recommended using CloudHealth Technologies to examine the SAS provider's AWS utilization month over month and right-size their environment.


AWS CloudHealth Technologies


  • The solution saved the customer upwards of $5 million
  • Customer reduced their storage costs by more than 50%
  • Customer gained access to better audit control for their clients


A managed mobility solutions leader with millions of users around the globe was having a hard time managing its numerous Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing platforms, resulting in underutilized machines, unallocated storage and overspending. While simultaneously supporting a customer-facing application whose usage spikes drove unpredictable cloud consumption, the customer struggled to govern which internal business units were utilizing unnecessary resources.

With as many as 15 data centers and a rapidly-growing customer base around the world, finding a solution to the problem was truly a global initiative.


SHI's AWS team partnered with CloudHealth Technologies to consolidate, evaluate and analyze the customer's AWS usage month over month. This expertise helped right-size the customer's hybrid environment, identify and track the usage of specific machines, and break down the customer's service utilization by business unit – thus providing audit control.

Before learning about the CloudHealth solution through SHI, the customer originally considered replacing AWS with an on-premises solution in one of their 15 global data centers. However, SHI's engineering team helped the customer realize that - when optimized - AWS was still the most cost-effective solution. In fact, after right-sizing their environment, the customer cut their storage costs by more than 50% and ultimately slowed their AWS growth by 20-30% each month!

SHI has been working on this ongoing project since 2014. To date, the solution has saved this global leader upwards of $5 million based on improved billing mechanisms and environment right-sizing.

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