Cloud Climb

Cloud Adoption Services

Mountain climbers strategically plan their ascent – shouldn’t you do the same?

What is Cloud Climb?

Built to help your organization harness the power of the cloud, Cloud Climb is SHI’s collection of products, tools and services to help you efficiently and effectively reach your cloud objectives.

How does Cloud Climb Help?

Think of us as your cloud guide! We have four ways to help you get to the cloud:

Cloud Climb Base Camp

A perfect leg-up for the technical team that wants to
“do it yourself,” (DIY).

Just like a real-life base camp, we’ll help you prepare and map your route before your journey begins. Already started to climb toward the cloud? Don’t worry, you'll still find Base Camp valuable.

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Professional Services

For anything beyond DIY, we can help.

We've moved numerous organizations to the cloud through our suite of professional services, including workshops, project planning and guidance, and more.

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End User Training
for Office 365 and Windows 10

Don't leave your end users behind.
A successful journey gets everyone to the summit.

Moving data to the cloud is only part of the mix; bringing your end users up to speed on new cloud technologies ensures a successful transition into the cloud.

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Start Screen for Office 365

What’s on Yammer? What have I edited lately?
what sites do i have access to?

Office 365 is a great collection of tools to help you with your tasks. We built Start Screen for O365 to assist you with these tasks and answer your questions.

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Become a Cloud Climber!

We want to see you successfully move to the cloud – that's why we're offering two of our apps for free! When you assign your Microsoft Digital Partner of Record, you're invited to become a Cloud Climber and will be eligible to receive Cloud Climb Base Camp and Start Screen for Office 365, free of charge.

Ready to jump into the cloud? Contact us today to learn more about Cloud Climb!