VMware Cloud on AWS

Do you dream of seamlessly integrating your public cloud with an on-premises infrastructure? VMC on AWS just might be the solution you've been looking for.

SHI's solution architects and technical consultants have a complimentary and consultative approach to help you set up a fast, frictionless hybrid cloud environment.

Is VMC on AWS Right for you?

Find out at no risk with a little help from SHI

Find out about you and your needs


Recommend a plan


Find out abour you and your needs

Migrate and Test

Deliver your first workload

Continue with SHI and the rest of your migration. Our Professional Services are fully customizable to meet your needs.

No cost to you!

SHI's VMware Cloud on AWS Services can help you reach your business goals:


Cloud Connectivity and Flexibility

With vSphere, VPNs and hybrid-linked mode configurations, your migration will be accelerated and your networking will run at a higher performance than ever with the lowest latency.

Migrate your first workload with SHI at zero cost and experience how smoothe and simple your migration can be.

advanced use case

Disaster Recovery and Protection

Data protection and business continuity are simplified and capex is reduced with a secondary site operationally consistent with your VMware data center.

Protect your data and plan ahead for the quickest recovery with the help of SHI's application and workload placement assessments, and our Customer Innovation Center tests.

Why SHI?

Track Record

Proven Track Record

VMware Cloud on AWS


Master Services Competency
Data Center Virtualization


Master Services Competency
Cloud Management and Automation


Master Services Competency

Reliable Resources

SHI's customizable assessments determine the most cost effective way to run your workloads and if your on-prem environment is cloud ready.


Our People

With over 400 AWS Certifed experts on staff, SHI is uniquely positioned to provide the extra hands and strategic perspective that you need to acheive your goals.

Take your network to the next level with VMC on AWS:

Regional Capacity or Geo Expansion:
Easily deploy VMware’s software-defined data center into your choice of AWS cloud regions.

Disaster Recovery:
Simplify disaster protection using technologies like VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Application Migration:
Extend on-premises data centers without converting machine images or re-architecting applications.

Data Center Consolidation:
Merge multiple data centers with speed and consistency.

Application Development and Test:
Deliver VMware SDDC-consistent test/dev environments with the ability to integrate with modern CI/CD automation tools.

Cyclical or Burst Capacity:
Spin up incremental capacity to handle season or project-specific needs on an on-demand basis.

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