Case Study:

Laptops Speed Assistance to Those Helping the Neediest after Hurricane Harvey

Configuration Technicians physically deliver equipment to case workers across the state of Texas


Customer Profile

A Texas government entity


The customer was in urgent need of deploying hundreds of computers to case workers from all over Texas to sign up victims of Hurricane Harvey for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) financial-based benefits.



SHI shipped, configured and physically delivered (200) Dell Latitude 5480 laptops to government workers working in the areas affected by the disaster.




  • Expedited the overall relief efforts for case workers in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
  • Utilized its excellent vendor partnerships to urgently expedite-ship all of the necessary equipment
  • Configured and hand-delivered the necessary technology in a record time of just a couple of days

When a natural disaster strikes, humanity comes together to help those affected. For low-income families trying to meet their nutritional needs in the face of a disrupted supply chain, the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) is there.

But after the rains of Hurricane Harvey finally stopped – despite everyone’s best intentions – how do you coordinate relief efforts to 300,000 Texans going without food, water or power for an unknown amount of time?


Multiple government agencies needed to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of case workers streaming into Houston, trying to get D-SNAP’s financial-based benefits in the hands of those needing them most. The case workers, on the other hand, needed the necessary technology to perform the task. With major carriers affected by floods, poor road conditions and overburdened communications infrastructure, there wasn’t a clearly defined solution that could be deployed before people, literally, went hungry.


Thanks to the proximity of SHI’s Austin location to the Houston area, SHI not only configured and shipped the necessary technology, we also physically delivered it into the hands of the case workers.

Leveraging an established partnership with Dell, SHI and Dell worked to expedite ship 200 Dell Latitude 5480 laptops in just a few days. Although an order this size can normally deliver in 2–3 weeks, this one had top priority.

Once the laptops arrived in Austin, a team of SHI’s engineers reimaged and staged 30 devices within a few hours, followed by SHI immediately transporting them to Houston the following morning. In the next three days, the team of engineers repeated this task – imaging, configuring and physically delivering them to case workers spread throughout various locations across Texas.

Combining an excellent partnership with Dell, the technical and organizational skills of SHI’s engineers, and the selflessness from all parties involved, SHI was able to assist those tasked with helping the families who needed it the most following this national disaster.