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More than 30,000 customers rely on Jamf in managing over 14 million Apple devices. Jamf is committed to enabling IT admins to empower end users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, educational institutions and governmental agencies via our Jamf Pro and Jamf Now solutions. Shop Jamf 

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SHI is an authorized reseller of Jamf’s product and service portfolio, serving: businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities. SHI has been a leader in iOS deployment since the introduction of the first iPad in 2010 and has over 20 years of advising customers on Mac solutions. Contact SHI 

Jamf Pro

Whether you have used Apple for years and have 10,000 users in your organization, or you are just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your organization — Jamf and Jamf Pro make management simple, secure and cost effective. IT admins gain peace of mind and users get the experience they want.

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Jamf Pro Overview

Jamf is committed to helping organizations succeed with Apple. Jamf products help organizations set up new devices with ease, managing application distribution and settings while protecting devices and company information. Jamf Pro is an enterprise-grade device management solution designed specifically for Apple products and IT professionals. Additionally, Jamf Now is an on-demand Apple device management product with an intuitive design that does not require extensive IT experience.

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Learn how Jamf can help you manage your organization's Apple devices as an ecosystem:

Jamf Connect

Reimagine how users authenticate to Mac devices.

Binding to an Active Directory domain was a great solution to solve authentication issues for 20 years. However, in an age of increasingly mobile devices, passwords and clocks get out of sync, DNS records are not always available externally and being a member of an Active Directory domain can be challenging.

Enter Jamf Connect.

Jamf Connect relieves the binding and gives you the flexibility to leverage local users, organized by the same policies and data control protocols you depend on from a directory service or identity provider.

Download this overview and learn how Jamf Connect allows for simple provisioning of users from a cloud identity service during an Apple provisioning workflow — complete with multi-factor authentication.

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Jamf Connect Overview

Jamf Now

Jamf Now is the easiest way to perform small business Mobile Device Management (MDM) tasks on Apple devices used within your organization. Immediately manage devices without the need for obtaining software training or documentation. Leverage Jamf Now for easily deployable settings and apps for groups of devices — in minutes and all from one place. Jamf Now is a simple, intuitive way for anyone to set up, manage and protect their Apple devices, anytime from anywhere.

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Jamf Now Overview

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