Case Study:

Public University Removes Damaged Data Center from Lesson Plan – Replaces with Cloud-First Curriculum

SHI cloud architects design, implement and migrate workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS


Customer Profile

A public research university located in the state of Kansas, providing higher learning since the late 1800s.


The customer needed to migrate its damaged data center to a cost-effective cloud solution.


ITAM and Licensing
Data Center

SHI architected and implemented VMware Cloud on AWS in a seamless migration.


  • Seamless migration with no reason to refactor the majority of their systems
  • Leveraging existing VMware skillset
  • Reduced CAPEX, increased OPEX
  • Retired damaged legacy equipment and shifted to an operational model


AWS vmware


The university’s data center, which supports 20,000+ students and 4,500+ faculty and staff on a yearly basis, suffered damage from a powerful hailstorm that penetrated the building and destroyed equipment.

As a result, the customer implemented a cloud-first strategy – transforming its environment into a cloud-first university with plans to be fully migrated over a three-year term. The cloud-first strategy involves moving the majority of their workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, with some allotted for Platform as a Service, as well as a Managed Services provider. Their biggest challenge in this process was maintaining the data center while finding a cost-effective, seamless cloud solutions platform.


SHI’s cloud solutions consultants designed, architected and implemented the VMware Cloud on AWS environment, evacuating the damaged data center to this solution. SHI’s certified experts implemented a five-host Software-defined data center, connecting to on-premises via AWS Direct Connect, and used VMware HCX to move live and cold migrate workloads to VMC on AWS. SHI also implemented a VPN tunnel to a transit gateway, so VMware Cloud could communicate with other AWS services running at additional Virtual Private Cloud attachments.


The customer retired its data center, reducing CAPEX, and migrated to VMware Cloud on AWS while leveraging existing VMware skillset.