Case Study:

API Integration Platform Company Leverages Cost Optimization Service to Reduce AWS Spend

SHI identifies 30%+ savings in AWS service, reduces EFS spend by 76%


Customer Profile

An API integration platform.


The customer was rapidly growing in AWS and needed to identify true growth and unnecessary cloud spend.


ITAM and Licensing

SHI utilized its Cost Optimization Managed Service and conducted a 30-day assessment, for a 30%+ achievable savings.




  • Reduced S3 storage costs
  • Reduced EFS spend by 76%
  • Saved approximately 43% on On-Demand EC2 compute costs

Saving money always feels good, especially on big ticket items. But saving money and time with the help of a professional, is something we can all benefit from.


An API integration platform for SaaS app providers was rapidly growing in AWS and needed to identify true growth and unnecessary cloud spend. Even though the customer’s engineering teams were highly advanced and efficient, they focused on development rather than cleaning up unused resources and understanding AWS’ discount programs.


SHI helped the customer leverage SHI’s Cost Optimization Managed Service – a Cloud Managed Services solution designed to help organizations gain full visibility into their IT environment, take control of their assets, simplify technology usage and reduce costs.

The customer utilized the service for an initial 30-day assessment, which found a 30%+ in cost-savings within that year. SHI also discovered more than 30% in achievable savings, identifying several savings opportunities across AWS services.


The company, which uses uniform APIs to connect applications with entire categories of cloud services, successfully implemented SHI’s recommendations into their ongoing governance and automation strategy and achieved the following benefits as a result:

  • Reduced S3 storage costs by tiering of objects and life cycling to Infrequent-Access and Glacier
  • Reduced Elastic File System (EFS) spend by 76% by deleting old files and moving their Production EFS to Infrequent-Access
  • Implemented two compute savings plans to save approximately 43% of their On-Demand EC2 compute cost
  • Terminated unused load balancers
  • Began EDP discussions with AWS

The customer has since onboarded their billing to SHI and is currently receiving account management support along with cost optimization through ongoing monthly review meetings to prioritize and identify cost-saving opportunities.