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Your users no longer fit into the categories of 'office-based' or 'remote'. Through 2021 and beyond, employees will expect to be both, and with no fixed schedule to when they are one or the other.

They need to be equipped for all eventualities: fighting the kids for bandwidth at home, chairing an important meeting from an office meeting room or connecting from the airport. Their primary device might no longer be an expensive laptop; their method of connectivity not a fixed internet connection. Yet they will need - and demand - a consistency of user experience, no matter how they work with colleagues and systems.

SHI can help you transition to a hybrid workforce - providing consistency across multiple device types, reducing the overhead of provisioning equipment, optimizing collaboration platforms and using the latest technologies to deliver a modern desktop experience.

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End-User Devices and Connectivity

Whether due to supply shortages or user choice, end-user computing device diversification is a key feature of the hybrid workforce. Working with experts at SHI you can rethink your device strategy, identifying and fulfilling the needs of different users with appropriate and cost-effective device options.

And with provisioning services such as Zero Touch deployment, you can get those devices in their hands and ready to go faster than ever. Perfect for staff who rarely visit your organization's IT hub.

Combined with SHI Mobile's multi-carrier LTE data connectivity, suddenly you can connect users and teams like never before, ensuring that distance is no barrier to productivity and innovation.

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Hear how to navigate end user computing device shortages, accelerate device roll-outs and provide the very best connectivity.

Resources & Downloads — Learn more from our insiders about how you can build an effective End User Computing Devices & Connectivity strategy:

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Collaboration and Productivity Tools

While you are probably already using collaboration and productivity tools, it is likely that your rush to support remote workers in 2020 actually resulted in more tools than are necessary, less adoption that you'd like and money left on the table in unused functionality.

SHI's digital workplace experts can help you take stock, to determine if your current platforms are fit for purpose, if you can consolidate multiple apps and increase user productivity by harnessing the power of under-used features.

As you revise office spaces to support return-to-work plans, we can also help you maintain adoption of these platforms by making them an integral part of the office experience, through integration with video conference and collaboration hardware.

From Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex and Office 365 applications to cloud conferencing solutions, SHI will help you identify what your distributed workforce needs to be successful.

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Learn how to switch from reactive to strategic modes and optimize your UCC Strategy for the Hybrid Workforce.

Resources & Downloads — Learn more from SHI’s digital workplace solutions that support the Hybrid Workforce:

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Improving and Securing the Modern Desktop Environment

As users employ a wider range of devices and spend more time away from the office, a modern desktop approach becomes more important. Desktop virtualization can also be an effective option to help prolong the lifecycle of devices, especially if you are unable to source or fund new ones.

Furthermore, modern desktop solutions can be particularly beneficial for remote employees who need access to mission-critical apps and data. They can be a great choice for organizations that are also considering diversifying their device estate but, want to ensure all users have a common desktop experience.

To help administrators provide a safe environment and users to be productive no matter how, when or where they log-in, SHI offers a full range of on-premises and cloud-based desktop virtualization and Desktop-as-a-Service solutions.

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Get the latest expert advice on how to create a modernized desktop experience that improves access while ensuring mobility, agility, and security

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