Support New Workloads & Operating Models

The foundation of any successful hybrid work environment demands robust and flexible infrastructure able to adapt to the ever-shifting goals of a hybrid work model.

In other words, physical resources are only one facet of the overall conversation when executing an effective hybrid-work environment. Organizations should simultaneously look towards decoupling any infrastructure constraints standing in between your organization and your workers. Join SHI as we help consult with you in crafting an agile infrastructure with the nuts & bolts needed in migrating your traditional on-premise infrastructure to a hybrid model.

IDC predicts 80% of enterprises

will speed up their shift to a cloud-centric infrastructure.*

(* Source: IDC "IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2021 Predictions" October 2020)

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Application Modernization & Migration

While 2020 saw a rush to adopt new applications and workloads in the cloud, your organization may still have a high reliance on legacy apps that are overdue for modernization.

SHI's Infrastructure & Application Modernization Services can help you better support the hybrid workforce and new business models. Our teams of certified cloud architects will help you optimize applications and data workloads by designing, modernizing and migrating on-premise solutions so you can leverage the full native capabilities of cloud computing.

In the same way that SHI delivers effective end user solutions, we also help developers take advantage of the latest software-defined technologies, recognizing their critical role in the fast-moving and fluid hybrid work environment.

Event Free Webinar: Ensure Your Cloud Migration Success

Learn what you need to do to migrate successfully including assessments, automation enablement, migration planning and application modernization.

Gain deeper insights into SHI's Infrastructure & Application Modernization Services here:

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure & Public Cloud Capabilities

As you look to replace expensive legacy three-tier IT architectures, while simultaneously shifting more technology spend to a CapEx model, adopting both Hyper-Converged Infrastructures (HCI) and Public Cloud resources can give you the best of both worlds — performance and cost.

SHI's experts can help you identify the right options, whether it’s modernizing on-premises infrastructure or pushing more workloads to the public cloud — or both.

Working with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions — We’ll help your organization select, deploy and manage your ideal HCI solutions based on your current environment and hybrid-workplace goals. Some of the tangible benefits your organization could experience with a robust HCI solution are:

  • Highly scalable performance capable of handling most workloads to the extreme.
  • Quicker time to value with expedient deployments and a more resilient architecture.
  • Bringing cost, management and utilization benefits of virtualization across your entire technology stack (e.g. computing, storage and networking.)

Event Free Webinar: HCI & Public Cloud: Know Your Options

Identify the right options for enterprises to modernize on-premises infrastructure or to push more workloads to the public cloud – or both.

Understand SHI’s capabilities in taking your organization into the Cloud and virtualize your infrastructure:

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Agile Networking within Hybrid Work

As social distancing and hybrid working change how we interact with office spaces, occupied shared spaces and connectivity to the apps and data we need demand network changes. Provisioning WiFi coverage at greater distances and the need for faster speed and greater connection capacities may increase reliance on LTE-connectivity for mobile workers. Your organization may find itself pushing more data processing and computing power to the edge or, you may even find existing networking equipment cannot meet increased workloads.

SHI has been delivering networking solutions for organizations like yours for more than 30 years. Our certified experts can help you assess the readiness of your network for return-to-work or the hybrid workforce, design and implement network upgrades, and introduce you to new technologies like edge computing and SD-WAN.

Event Free Webinar: Increase Your Networking Agility

SHI's experts will share helpful tips and recommendations to ensure your network is agile to adapt to anything else this year may bring.

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