DIR-CPO-5094 SHI Government Solutions contract for Miscellaneous Information Technology (IT) Hardware Peripherals, Components, and Related Services.
Software/ Services Available Brands
  ·         AceCad  ·         AOC
Term of Contract: ·         Amazon.com
Through 1/30/2025 ·         Cellairis ·         Citrix Systems 
Terms and Conditions ·         CODi  ·         Cooler Master
Ordering Instructions: ·         CORSAIR ·         Castillo IT Services DBA Castillo & Associates
  ·         Kforce ·         Crimson AV
Reference the DIR contract number (DIR-CPO-5094) on your PO or quote request ·         CyberPower ·        Draper
  ·         Facebook ·        Gigamon
Process your order online or ·        Hawking ·        Hyundai
Send Purchase Orders to: ·        Incipio ·        InFocus 
  ·       Intel ·        Intellinet
SHI Gov’t Solutions, Inc. ·        IOGEAR ·        Jabra
3828 Pecana Trail ·       Kanex ·        Kantek
Austin, TX  78749 ·        KEMP Technologies ·        Kensington 
Fax: 512-732-0232 ·        Memorex ·        NVIDIA
Email: [email protected]   ·        Otter Products ·        Paperlike
  ·        Quantum ·        Rubrik
VID:1223695478500 ·        SanDisk ·        ViewSonic

To view the complete list of products and manufacturers available under this contract, please refer to price file or visit the DIR website here.


For pricing and product information, please refer to the pricelist file under the article attachmentsContact the State of Texas team at [email protected] for detailed quote information.


The products in this contract are available to all state agencies, local governments, and public educational institutions.  Specific customer eligibility requirements can be found online here. 

To review the DIR ICT Co-op Contract Program Overview, please refer to the following summary.

  Additionally, The Interstate Cooperation Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 791, authorizes local governments, including local governments of other states, to directly contract with DIR to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. State agencies of other states may be eligible to purchase from a contract between DIR and a local government of that state under the Interstate Cooperation Act. Please contact DIR for more details.
  Should you need additional assistance with this contract please contact the State of Texas Team at 800-870-6079.
  Please note: Warranties apply to manufacturer's stated warranties.