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As an esteemed AMD executive tier partner, SHI is proudly authorized to support and distribute the entire gamut of AMD commercial PC systems, servers, cloud solutions, powerful graphics cards, lightning-fast processors, and cutting-edge adaptable AI systems. Count on our dedicated sales teams to go above and beyond in assisting your organization. We are committed to helping you acquire, manage, and support AMD's high-performance, reliable, and secure technology products, ultimately enhancing how you live, work, and play.


Benefits of AMD solutions through SHI

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Improved performance

SHI’s infrastructure and application modernization services help you select, deploy, and manage cutting-edge AMD technologies that support your business and IT needs.

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Deliver modern end user computing

Harness the power of AMD devices. Our SHI experts can help you build an AMD powered device fleet that meets your business demands while catering to your employees’ preferences.

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Deploy quickly

Discover How AMD and SHI deliver faster time-to-value across deployments and industries. Take the guesswork out of your physical, virtual, or hybrid environment, and let us help you address your infrastructure challenges.

SHI is a Executive tier partner of AMD.

Authorization Levels

  • AMD Partner Program – Executive tier

Advance with AMD

Why AMD is the Right Partner thumbnail

Ebook - Why AMD is the Right Partner 

Data agility - the ability to treat data as a living, breathing asset - is unlocking new opportunities with deeper insight. Data center leaders can take on these challenges with AMD.

5 Reasons Why AMD Epyc CPUs Matter for Hyperconverged thumbnail

5 Reasons Why AMD Epyc CPUs Matter for Hyperconverged 

Make the most of HCI with AMD EPYC™ processors. Leverage their density, fast performance, and advanced security features to achieve your business goals.

Why Ryzen Pro for Business? thumbnail

Why Ryzen Pro for Business? 

From small businesses to enterprises, professional laptops powered by AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors deliver the business advantage for everyday productivity.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Workstation Whitepaper thumbnail

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Workstation Whitepaper 

The AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper PRO processor family has achieved breakthrough performance scaling across many different industries

AMD Client and Server Offerings

With the strongest security, best performance and lowest overall TCO, AMD’s Client and Datacenter solutions are the perfect fit for your organization.

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