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All-in-one observability

New Relic is the unified platform for telemetry data paired with analysis tools to help engineers plan, build, deploy, and run software to find solutions quickly.

We monitor software applications and infrastructure performance in real time, providing businesses with monitoring tools and advanced analytics features that enable them to quickly identify and resolve issues that could impact their operations. By offering end-to-end visibility into complex distributed systems, we help organizations optimize resource allocation and improve overall system performance.

Together, SHI and New Relic help organizations move past the ‘what’ to uncover the ‘why.’

There’s data for show, and then there’s data that shows engineers how to do their best work every day. Go beyond monitoring. Replace opinion with observability.


Benefits of New Relic Solutions through SHI

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Optimize your investment on New Relic solutions

Leverage SHI’s expertise to ensure maximum return on your New Relic investment. SHI can assess your needs to recommend the right New Relic solutions and provide a seamless, impactful deployment.

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Fit your unique needs with flexible licensing options

SHI offers competitive pricing and flexible licensing options to fit your unique needs. Choose the best licensing model based on your usage patterns, budget, and future growth plans to reach significant cost savings and scale your operations.

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Work with a trusted vendor for ongoing support

Purchase New Relic through SHI for peace of mind. Know you are working with a trusted partner who provides ongoing support and maintenance for your New Relic solutions. SHI keeps you up-to-date with the latest New Relic features and capabilities.

SHI is a Platinum level partner of New Relic

New Relic Observability Maturity Architecture

With the New Relic platform, you can save money, make money, and reduce risk. Our Observability Maturity Architecture (OMA) identifies the key use cases and lays out the roadmap to help you realize these goals.

The OMA is a framework designed to help organizations assess your current level of observability maturity and identify areas to improve. By following the recommended practices for each area, you can plan and execute your journey toward increasingly greater observability capabilities and achieve a more advanced level of maturity, capabilities, and value.

Uptime, performance, and reliability

New Relic provides a comprehensive observability platform with tools and capabilities for monitoring and improving uptime, performance, and reliability of applications and systems. Users can monitor uptime and receive alerts, monitor application performance at a code level, and monitor infrastructure components for improved reliability.

Distributed tracing allows users to trace requests across distributed systems and identify bottlenecks and other issues that impact reliability. Overall, New Relic helps organizations proactively identify and address issues, improve the user experience, and optimize the performance and reliability of their systems and applications.

William Hill Case Study Thumbnail
Customer Success Story

William Hill cuts mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 80%  

Gaming brand decreased downtime and improved troubleshooting with New Relic business outcomes.

Operational efficiency

New Relic's platform helps organizations improve operational efficiency and reduce organizational costs by identifying bottlenecks, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing manual effort. Within the platform, New Relic's APM and infrastructure monitoring solutions enable users to gain visibility into your applications and infrastructure, identifying areas where resources are being under or overutilized. 

Organizations can reduce costs associated with over-provisioning or unnecessary infrastructure spend by optimizing resource utilization. Automating processes and workflows with New Relic can also reduce the amount of manual effort required to manage and monitor systems and applications. 

Achievers Case Study Thumbnail
Customer Success Story

Achievers lowers infrastructure costs by 25% 

Employee platform provider established service level objectives to troubleshoot across organization.

Customer experience

New Relic enables businesses to optimize digital customer experience by providing real-time insights into software performance, like error identification and end-user behavior. To make digital experience monitoring effective, you must highlight the most urgent items with actionable context, route that information to the correct teams, and integrate it into your everyday processes. 

New Relic's monitoring tools and advanced analytics features can track user behavior, identify issues, and proactively resolve those issues to ensure a seamless and positive end-user experience. Choosing New Relic can help drive customer loyalty and achieve business goals faster and better in today's marketplace.

CaratLane thumbnail
Customer Case Study

CaratLane grew sales by 90% through shopping spike and exploding demand 

Online jeweler ensured its decentralized development strategy was a competitive advantage, not a hindrance

Innovation and growth

Set up processes to ensure continuous improvement of observability practices. New Relic's CI/CD integrations give organizations visibility into application and infrastructure performance throughout the development cycle and identify and resolve issues earlier. We help organizations deliver high-quality software faster and with fewer errors, improving user experience and driving business growth.

New Relic provides integrations with various CI/CD tools, including Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitLab CI/CD, etc. We enable organizations to automatically monitor application performance and errors during the build and testing phases and provide insight to improve the overall quality of the code. 

Talentsoft thumbnail
Customer Success Story

Talentsoft drives continuous improvements to power rapid growth 

SaaS-based talent management provider achieved more complete data to make more informed growth decisions.

New Relic pricing advantage

New Relic offers a pricing advantage that starts with a usage-based pricing model for our full platform, not individual modules or bundles. We include valuable features and tools without extra charges.

The usage-based pricing model allows customers to pay based on actual resource consumption, providing cost-effectiveness and scalability. As organizations expand their operations or experience demand fluctuations, New Relic's pricing adjusts accordingly. The integrated platform combines various monitoring functionalities into one comprehensive solution, removing the need for multiple tools. 

With clear and transparent pricing, New Relic ensures customers easily know what they are paying for.

Observability Pricing & Billing Models thumbnail
Observability Pricing & Billing Models

How usage-based pricing and billing can provide more value  

Learn how usage-based pricing and billing optimizes costs and supports business growth.

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