Global cybersecurity leader saves over $9M with CloudHealth by VMware

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A global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) threat detection.


SHI created a cost governance structure, taking on a proactive approach to modernizing the customer’s environment.

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Customer saved over $9M within the first 12 months of implementing the solution.

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Cost governance solution

SHI was able to assist the customer with weekly reviews to help optimize cloud spend.

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Savings Plan Model

The customer switched from a Reserved Instance Model to increase flexibility in utilizing AWS services.

SHI helped a global cybersecurity leader make informed decisions in the cloud to make sure their enterprise-level AWS status was safe and cost effective.


A global leader in Solution as a Service (SaaS) threat detection, with over 30,000 customers spanning many verticals, had grown from a small AWS user to enterprise-level within just a few years. The growth led the company to the unique challenge of trying to control unnecessary spend while taking advantage of the highest applicable discounts.


With CloudHealth by VMware, SHI was able to assist the customer in managing their AWS environment, specifically with automating operational tasks and building new policies.

SHI’s AWS team implemented a weekly status check to identify the greatest areas for savings. After reviewing and then resolving the problem areas, SHI established acceptable thresholds and began tracking each one of them. Creating a cost governance structure with weekly reviews reinforced good behavior and follow-through on actionable items for the customer.


SHI’s implementation of CloudHealth by VMware allowed the customer to manage their AWS environment more effectively, resulting in:

  • $9M+ in savings in the first 12 months of the service, outside of enterprise discounting.
  • Predictable growth and planning for new product releases.
  • Better understanding and tracking of AWS usage.
  • The ability to convert from the Reserved Instance Model to the Savings Plan Model.
  • A new process workflow created for all savings areas.
  • Renegotiated EDP and private pricing for larger discounting, with better understanding of spend.
  • Daily predicted EDP consumption, with customer pricing rules built into CloudHealth by VMware.
“Creating a cost governance structure with weekly reviews reinforced good behavior and follow-through on actionable items for the customer.”

- SHI AWS team


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