Healthcare software provider automates deployment processes using Infrastructure as Code

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A healthcare performance management and information software systems supplier.


SHI leveraged HashiCorp Terraform to create an automated application deployment process within Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft Azure

HashiCorp Terraform


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    Process automation

    SHI helped the customer automate provisioning and security by codifying their infrastructure.

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    Faster deployment

    The customer was able to decrease time to market by expediting Azure services deployment.

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    Cost control

    Governance controls on the customer’s new repeatable deployment processes have helped rein in spend.

    SHI created an automation process to help this client control costs, increase reliability, and achieve operational excellence with Microsoft and Terraform.


    A healthcare performance management and information software systems supplier had a large account structure with numerous virtual machines (VMs) and services running within their account.

    Because their deployment processes had grown complex, they needed assistance with governance and provisioning services. SHI was asked to create a repeatable deployment process for Microsoft Azure landing zones and required services using HashiCorp Terraform’s Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution. IaC enables organizations to create, change, and improve infrastructure in a safe, predictable manner.


    SHI’s Azure experts used Terraform’s PowerShell scripts to create an automated deployment process for landing zone configurations and applications within Microsoft Azure.

    Our solution architects then deployed the services, controls, processes, and infrastructure within the customer’s accounts.


    The new automation processes helped the customer make automated updates to existing environments and deployments. They can also deploy Azure services faster now — which in turn enables them to decrease their time to market on new deployments.

    The customer is now able to deploy and manage all of their Azure services using Terraform with the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI). They can also continuously update and iterate their infrastructure while applying governance controls from within the landing zone configurations. This has allowed them to control costs, increase reliability and availability, and achieve operational excellence within their Azure environments.

    Additionally, SHI aligned their development and operations teams to form a more fluid cross-functional DevOps and CI/CD process.


    “SHI created an automation process to help this client control costs, increase reliability, and achieve operational excellence with Microsoft Azure and Terraform.”


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