Quest Diagnostics overhauls asset management and procurement with ITAM services from SHI

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Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.


SHI modernized Quest’s software management and asset tagging programs while facilitating seamless integration in the cloud.

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SHI helped Quest establish a smart catalog to simplify management across hundreds of different software products.



SHI’s software request portal empowers Quest to rapidly deploy software to tens of thousands of employees.

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Built from scratch

SHI helped Quest build a modern asset tagging program from the ground up for secure and easy hardware management.

SHI helps Quest Diagnostics streamline and scale their IT asset management for almost 50,000 users.


With over 47,000 employees worldwide, Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, needed a dedicated IT asset management (ITAM) provider to help manage their expansive hardware and software landscape.

Adhering to strict data regulation and compliance standards, Quest needed an extended ITAM team with experience helping organizations of similar complexity and size.

Initially, the project involved managing desktop products and the licenses, entitlements, and maintenance for Quest’s Master Software Library (MSL). But our customer’s needs quickly scaled to encompass the complex metrics of their virtual server environment, comprised of all their physical and virtual WinTel servers.


As Quest’s global provider of ITAM and IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions, SHI offered Quest a comprehensive set of customized managed services, including our ITAM platform, discovery tools, and licensing consultation, as well as expert technical guidance for Quest’s entire IT estate.

SHI’s experts helped Quest manage and gain visibility over tens of thousands of end-user computing (EUC) assets, their entire suite of WinTel servers, and over 300 software products. Our comprehensive ITAM solution included:

  • Managing the entitlements and maintenance for their entire MSL (300+ products).
  • Developing a vendor asset tagging program for physical assets.
  • Implementing a standard acquisition and disposition program.
  • Tailoring a cloud-based solution integrating with both internal and external provider systems.


SHI has helped Quest become a true practitioner of their own solution, using our ITAM platform for recognition training, compliance rules, and data quality. The rules engine within SHI’s platform allows our team to quickly model custom terms and conditions for each publisher and write rules that can simultaneously optimize license coverage while ensuring SHI provides Quest with the best compliance position.

Our platform’s software request portal allows Quest to provision software to their users nearly in real-time. The portal provides a streamlined process for, and centralized visibility into, the software request and acquisition process.

Our software request portal also breaks down Quest’s MSL into a smart catalog of software and applications, allowing for both simple and sophisticated approvals and notification workflows. The portal simplifies procurement, reduces unauthorized or duplicate acquisitions, and enables optimal license utilization. Additionally, Quest has access to a dedicated team of SHI data quality experts to support the tool over the long term.

“The ITAM services provided by SHI are designed to meet our specific business needs, and have consistently delivered value while mitigating risk to our enterprise.”

- Senior Manager of IT Asset Management, Quest Diagnostics


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