Texas medical management group receives prescription for SHI Audit Defense

Customer profile

A Texas regional medical management and services group that has provided services to the Austin area for over 20 years.


SHI supported the medical management group through a Microsoft audit, identifying licensing gaps to mitigate future risk.

Business of IT  |  Healthcare  |  ITAM and SAM  |  Procurement  |  Software Licensing




SHI identified the imbalances and potential risks that were caused by improperly installed servers.



The customer was given a limited amount of time to respond to the Microsoft audit.



SHI was able to help the customer implement their recommendations ahead of schedule.

SHI saves Texas medical management group from Microsoft audit


After being given 65 days to respond to a Microsoft audit, a Texas regional medical management organization needed help navigating the investigation.

As a longstanding customer, they turned to SHI to help prepare them for the audit and provide greater insight into their licensing.


SHI brought in our Audit Defense team and ITAM experts to allay the customer’s fears, help them manage the audit timeline, and execute the discovery necessary to understand their license position.

After reviewing the customer’s assets, speaking to publishers on their behalf, and advising them on best practices, our team was able to coach them through the necessary steps to become compliant. The three-step process included discovery, proposal, and remediation phases.


SHI’s analysis revealed $1.2M in potential risks and imbalances from improperly installed server software. Our findings included actionable recommendations that led into Phase 2 of the project. This included a rescan to validate that the customer correctly implemented the Audit Defense team’s recommendations.

In addition to identifying risks and inefficiencies, our solution offered ways to increase the management group’s return on investment on their software expenditures. This deep dive examined their purchase history and used it as justification to secure better pricing on future purchases, increasing our value-add.

Completing the project two weeks ahead of schedule, SHI provided the foundation that would help the customer stay on top of their licenses and mitigate the risk – and the stress – of future audits.

“SHI provided the foundation that would help the customer stay on top of their licenses and mitigate the risk – and the stress – of future audits.”

- SHI Staff


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