Discovery and Inventory

With a majority of organizations allowing employees to bring IT equipment home at the start of the pandemic, and more than half now provisioning new hardware to support a hybrid workforce, understanding what's deployed on your estate and is accessing your network is harder than it once was.

SHI's IT Discovery and Inventory services are designed to provide both the technologies and expertise you need to find and identify every IT asset in use.

You'll get the visibility you need to streamline ITAM and ITSM processes, optimize your environment, reduce costs and avoid risk.

SHI's Experts Guide You Step-by-Step

SHI offers best-in-breed technology, paired with a global team of ITAM industry experts in the areas of implementation, configuration and data analysis, to provide an enriched view of your data and a thorough understanding of your IT asset portfolio.

SHI's 4-Step Discovery and Inventory Collection Process



We employ the right discovery tools for your environments, on-prem or in the cloud, mobile, desktop or data center. Our experts administer the tool, so you don't have to.



Inventory collection methods are tailored to your requirements and, depending on your preferences, can include agents or agent-less techniques, target platform and desired data outputs.


Normalization and Data Cleansing

Once data gathering and validation is complete, your data is then filtered through SHI's rules and normalization engine to be enriched with information matched against SHI's master software catalog.



Your IT asset data is displayed in a variety of easy-to-use, customized dashboards through SHI's secure, web-based portal.

Use Your ITAM Data to Drive Cost Savings:

Determine Operating System software that is out of support or soon to be out of support
Take advantage of more cost-effective licensing options available to you — whether that be to virtualize some physical environments or perhaps moving some to the cloud
Take necessary action to optimize your License Compliance Position and avoid costly non-compliance fines
Eliminate spend on unnecessary licenses, support and maintenance agreements

Discovery and Inventory: There are no one-size-fits-all approaches at SHI

One major benefit of working with SHI for IT discovery and inventory is that you are not limited to using one particular inventory tool, yet you're not forced to buy multiple tools either. SHI's experts have a range of inventory tools at their disposal and can choose the most appropriate technologies for your extended environment.

Inventory options include zero footprint, agentless and agent-based asset inventory, tracking, normalization and usage metering to drive standardization, manage risk, prepare for and defend against IT Asset audits and drive cost optimization and compliance initiatives.

SaaS Discovery and Inventory Collection

We use the latest SaaS discovery and software recognition technologies with expert licensing knowledge from SHI's team of experienced Software Asset Management (SAM) professionals.

Discovery and Inventory Capabilities

  1. Direct integrations with SaaS apps and expense management systems such as Concur and Expensify
  2. Ability to pull data from browser extensions, SSO and desktop management software

Uncover the true scale of SaaS usage across your organization with SHI's SaaS Cost Optimization Services.

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Full discovery and inventory collection services are included with all Optimized License Positions and SAM Managed Services.

For more information, contact our ITAM team today.