ITAM Process Consulting

For many, investing in an ITAM or SAM tool is seen as the #1 priority. Yet, up to 75% of organizations are left feeling that their tools under-deliver on expected value — that's because they underestimate the importance of ITAM processes.

SHI's expert team of ITAM process consultants can help you identify the gaps, root causes, and deficiencies preventing your ITAM program from delivering its maximum value to the organization.

Five signs that you need ITAM Process Consulting

If any or all of the statements below are true for your organization, you need to review your ITAM processes:

You are concerned there are hidden costs and unmanaged risks across the IT estate
You have pain points and bottlenecks in ITAM processes but can’t fix them
You can’t say with certainty that ITAM processes are 100% aligned with business goals
You are not clear on how best to allocate existing resources and spend
You do not have a clear roadmap to continual ITAM maturity and improvement

Our ITAM process consultants will work with you to ensure your ITAM processes are clearly defined, aligned with business goals, focused on the biggest value areas, and implemented successfully. Your ITAM processes will be clearer, more effective, and more efficient than ever.

Key benefits

Identify costs and risks associated with your ITAM processes and policies

Align ITAM processes with business objectives and requirements

Reduce hidden costs and wasted spend

Prioritize spend and resource allocation

Enhance control and identify process efficiencies

What is ITAM Process Consulting?

SHI will measure the maturity of your ITAM processes against the ISO 19770-1: 2017 and ITIL best practices by:

Analyzing the current state of your organization’s ITAM processes and procedures
Identifying deficiencies and shortcomings to help you understand and prioritize needs
Uncovering gaps, root causes, and solutions to overcome issues through implementation or redesign of policies and processes

Determining your maturity level

An ITAM Process Consulting assessment kicks off as an SHI-led workshop where our ITAM process and design consultants interview key stakeholders, and discuss your existing ITAM policies and processes to determine the maturity level of your organization.

Basic/Ad hoc

  • ITAM/ITSM processes are characterized as ad hoc or chaotic
  • Lacks policies, procedures, resources, and tools


  • ITAM/ITSM processes are recognized but allocated little importance, resource, or focus
  • Fragmented or incomplete policies or documentation
  • Asset data tracking is manual


  • ITAM/ITSM processes are recognized and documented
  • Policies and procedures are documented and enforced
  • Discovery, tracking, and analysis tools in place to support asset tracking data


  • ITAM/ITSM processes are fully recognized and accepted throughout IT
  • ITAM data is integral to business decisions
  • Policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated
  • Key tools/system integrated with ITAM


  • Near real-time alignment with changing business needs
  • ITAM program scales to business goals and objectives

Engagement methodology

Every ITAM Process Consulting assessment is built on SHI’s proven three-phase engagement methodology, ensuring the fastest and smoothest route to project success.


Information gathering


Analyze findings


Provide improvement recommendations

Workshop engagement
Evaluate interview responses, data, and documentation
Communicate findings to stakeholders
Stakeholder interviews
Identify maturity rating
Craft ITAM improvement plan
Collect documentation and evidentiary data
Develop Maturity Assessment Report

(includes executive summary, detailed findings, and recommendations)

Prioritize next steps

What do you get?

Your complete report includes:

Executive summary
Maturity rating
Detailed findings
Improvement recommendations

All SHI SAM Managed Services include an ITAM Process Consulting assessment at no additional cost.

SHI has a dedicated Strategic ITAM Consulting Services team with a broad range of expertise in ITAM and SAM process design and implementation, customer lifecycle support, and SAM process and tools assessments.

To learn more about ITAM Process Consulting, contact an ITAM specialist today!