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Axonius uses the tools you already have to manage and secure all assets

We’re revolutionizing how businesses protect their data. Axonius’ easy-to-deploy platform provides comprehensive asset inventory, ensuring gaps in security coverage can be quickly identified. Our automated policy validation has improved IT and security operations for organizations around the world. By seamlessly integrating with over 600 solutions that customers already use, Axonius deploys in hours, not weeks, to improve IT and security operations, like incident response, vulnerability and patch management, configuration management, and more.

Together, Axonius and SHI strive for a future where no organization is left exposed, and everyone’s assets are kept safe from potential risks. It's our mission to provide simple yet effective cybersecurity protection solutions so you can focus on building your business up.

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Benefits of Axonius solutions through SHI

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Get a comprehensive cybersecurity asset inventory

What blind spots? With integrations to 600+ sources of business, IT, and security data — and without agents to install — Axonius inventories all your assets in a matter of hours.

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Identify security coverage gaps

Got gaps? Not anymore. Use pre-defined or custom queries to discover how each asset stacks up against your cybersecurity policies.

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Validate and automate security policies

Risky software? High-risk vulnerability? Overprovisioned access? Misconfiguration found? Problems solved. Leverage custom enforcement sets, set triggers, and automate responses to optimize your security policy enforcement.

Asset management

Asset management used to be easy — then everything changed. Luckily, managing your devices, cloud instances, and users has become simpler and more streamlined than ever. Enter: the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform.

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