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In today's shift towards the modern office and remote work, the right tools define your digital transformation journey. Kofax champions this evolution with Power PDF. Rated as one of the most loved apps of 2023 by Trust Radius and esteemed for its intuitive design, Power PDF simplifies PDF tasks, providing clarity users appreciate.

Further bolstering the Kofax portfolio, the award-winning OmniPage OCR elevates text recognition, streamlining conversion and editing. Complemented by VRS and Express for impeccable scanning, these solutions are tailored for the modern professional. Elevate your workspace with tools designed for your vision.

Kofax and SHI have been working together and helping organizations increase their productivity for over 15 years. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products that enable them to work smarter, not harder.


Benefits of Kofax solutions through SHI

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Joint expertise: Kofax and SHI side by side

With Kofax and SHI collaborating, you receive unparalleled expertise. From initial talks to comprehensive project planning, our combined experience ensures meticulous attention at every step. Harness the power of joint proficiency for unmatched project success.

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Hands-on evaluation: Onsite proof of concept

Evaluating software should be thorough and precise. Kofax's on-site Proof of Concept lets clients delve into their tools' functionalities firsthand. This immersive approach ensures you make informed decisions, aligning solutions perfectly with your needs.

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Customized licensing: Tailored to your needs

Every organization deserves a unique solution. Kofax' bespoke licensing meets every facet of your requirements. Whether it's perpetual or term licenses, tiered pricing, or additional options like a license server, SHI crafts the ideal package for you.

Kofax document productivity solutions

Kofax Power PDF thumbnail

Kofax Power PDF

Intuitive UI, comprehensive features, and full ISO PDF standards alignment.

Kofax OmniPage Ultimate thumbnail

Kofax OmniPage Ultimate

Top-tier OCR technology, transforming documents with precision and speed into editable formats.

Kofax Virtual Rescan thumbnail

Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS Elite)

Boost your scans and enhance image clarity, ensuring flawless documents every time.

Kofax Express thumbnail

Kofax Express

Scan with flair! Simplify bulk scanning, delivering pristine results effortlessly.

How Kofax helps your document workflow

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