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SHI was recognized as Security Partner of the Year at the 2023 Cisco Partner Summit.

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Empowering businesses with networking, and resilient cybersecurity solutions

SHI and Cisco are working together to ensure that businesses of all sizes have access to the most advanced technology solutions in the market. Together, we are focused on providing customized solutions, developed based on each organization's individual needs, which promises improved efficiency and cost savings while staying ahead of ever-evolving technology trends.

As a trusted Cisco Gold Partner, we are experts in delivering top-quality technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced professionals understand the evolving digital landscape and works closely with our clients to review their data, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create customized solutions that boost productivity and save money. With our deep knowledge of Cisco's technology, we are the ideal partner for organizations striving to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology. Let SHI lead you into the future of IT.

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Benefits of Cisco solutions through SHI

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Powering next-generation infrastructure

Power your business with SHI’s next-generation labs, workshops, and assessments.

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Boost operational efficiency

Supply chain continues to be a challenge, but SHI’s Priority Access Program enables us to get your hands on Cisco’s highest demand inventory with same-day shipping!

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End-to-end lifecycle management

SHI offers complete install base assessments to keep you informed of major milestone dates and to find the most cost-effective options for software and Smartnet management.

SHI is the 2023 Cisco Security Partner of the Year.

Authorization Levels

  • Gold partner


  • Networking Advanced Technology Specialization
  • Data Center Advanced Technology Specialization
  • Security Advanced Technology Specialization
  • Collaboration Advanced Technology Specialization
  • Customer Experience Specialization
  • Environmental Sustainability Specialization


  • Security Partner of the Year
  • Security Partner of the Year
  • Global Business Partner of the Year
  • Commercial Partner of the Year

Secure the enterprise: Protect and prepare with stronger security resilience

Optimized security: Protected and connected.

A modern security solution is key to defending against today’s risks and threats. We can help you safeguard your business with a network that is secure and resilient.

Work with SHI for:

  • Security assessments and workshops
  • Policy Control Readiness
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Ready, set, secure — The complete approach to cybersecurity 

Take a closer look at the results across 27 markets and what we can learn from customers in the “more prepared” category.

Achieve performance and security without sacrifice

Businesses demand more from their networks than ever before. Yet too many solutions compromise network performance for security. It's a difficult balancing act. How can companies achieve performance and security without sacrifice?

Discover how to protect your business from attacks without slowing down your network. Cloud-managed Secure Networking with Cisco Meraki can help you achieve an integrated networking and security solution at your price point.

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Don’t compromise network performance or security 

43% of all cyber-attacks target small and medium businesses. Protect yours without slowing down your network.

Unlock the power of Cisco for infrastructure transformation

Efficient. Productive. Agile.

SHI and Cisco have partnered to provide you with a network that works for you, not against you. Ensure your business runs smoothly with both software and hardware that is scalable, agile and reliable.

Work with SHI for:

  • Infrastructure assessments and workshops
  • DNAC demo and POV
  • Meraki Dashboard demo
  • ThousandEyes demo
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Webex fuels hybrid work for businesses of all sizes

Work from anywhere with Cisco Collaboration

Maintaining a connected team requires seamless collaboration across the- organization. Return to office? Remote work?

We can help ensure a personalized experience for the modern workforce.

Work with SHI for:

  • WebEx Calling, Video, and Teams Demo
  • Webex Deployment
  • WebEx Integration
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Making hybrid work, work! 

With the massive evolution in the way we work, it’s important to understand the key elements of a hybrid work solution: supportive, flexible, secure, and inclusive. Are you fully optimizing the hybrid workplace model? Let us help.

Streamline the business

Maximizing investments with lifecycle management

Make the most of your Cisco investments with SHI’s customer success solution. When working with our Success Managers, you can expect a customized roadmap aligned with your business goals. Maximize the value of your Cisco investments with SHI and receive a set of services that gives you tailored expertise, insights and support.

Priority Inventory Program

Combat lead times with SHI’s Priority Inventory Program

Lead times continue to soar; how are you managing this challenge? Count on SHI to find you Cisco’s high-demand inventory through our Priority Inventory Program. Meet deadlines with our program that enables same day shipping for this Cisco product.

Need help with configuration? Warehousing? We can help with that, too.

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Ready to make Cisco part of your strategy?

Contact us today to get started!

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