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When your business is growing and evolving rapidly, you can't afford to be held back by outdated or under-performing IT. You need to harness the power of innovative IT to support new market opportunities and scale quickly.

But figuring out what IT capabilities and vendors fit your business needs can be a complicated and expensive exercise without the right approach and skillset. That's where SHI Complete comes in.

SHI Complete: Your business. Our technical know-how. A winning combination.

SHI Complete is a comprehensive managed service designed by SHI's industry experts and IT architects to empower SMBs on their IT Transformation journey.

SHI Complete can ensure you have the right IT operating model, along with a strong governance plan around security, services, and management that is structured to meet your business goals.

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The best technical know-how. The best technologies.

At SHI, we understand that IT transformation isn't only about managed services, but also having access to the right technology. We have hundreds of technical experts with product, licensing, and service implementation experience that can simplify the adoption of cloud technologies on your behalf. With SHI Complete, you're not only getting industry-leading technical expertise at every stage of IT transformation, but we work with an ever-growing portfolio of the very best, most robust technologies available, from public cloud services to the software used to run your business.

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SHI Complete enables your IT transformation and provides real value for:

Your organization

Your organization

  • Stop managing systems and start using technology to deliver innovative experiences for your customers
  • Reach new markets knowing your data is protected and your infrastructure is prepared to scale with you
  • Build innovative and resilient digital products on the latest cloud platforms
Your users

Your users

  • Experience a frictionless, zero-touch onboarding and offboarding process 
  • Collaborate with your peers around the globe with the latest productivity tools
  • Access curated e-learning and submit and track support tickets via the SHI ONE portal
Your customers

Your technology department

  • Get through the workday without being interrupted by IT challenges
  • Make time for more revenue-generating activities and access free training credits to kick start your career progression
  • Track hardware and software assets, cloud spend, and SHI’s support performance via the SHI ONE portal

Complete IT transformation in 3 easy steps

The SHI Complete team helps you transform your IT in 3 steps:

Define the Plan

Define the plan

SHI will conduct a briefing to discuss the technical building blocks that make up SHI Complete and how you will leverage our next-gen approach to IT transformation.

  • Platform debrief
  • Business outcomes and scoping
  • Scope of work execution
Evaluate Solution
Develop the Strategy<

Develop the strategy

SHI will perform a comprehensive assessment of the IT service landscape, establish a tailored modernization strategy for your organization, and create an implementation plan that meets your business needs.

  • Technical assessment and preparation
  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Streamlined implementation plan
Deliver the Service
Asset Recovery

Deliver the service

SHI will deploy the software and systems and execute on the established transformation strategy and modernization plans.

  • Functional services
  • Knowledge transfer between technical teams
  • Fully managed IT experience

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