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When users are allowed to be productive and creative, and organizations are confident that devices are safe and protected, their technology is doing what it's intended to do — simplify work. Simply purchasing Apple isn't what makes this possible. it's what organizations do with their devices that makes the difference, which is why Jamf's management and security solutions scale with any type of organization. Jamf is trusted by 71 ,000+ businesses, schools, and hospitals, managing and securing over 30 million devices.

Together, SHI and Jamf provide customers with tailored solutions so they can seamlessly integrate Apple into their business operations. Get the peace of mind you deserve.


Benefits of Jamf Solutions through SHI

Device Management

Device management

Deploy devices to any employee, anywhere. Integrate with Apple deployment programs to automate enrollment and configuration providing a scalable, zero-touch experience with each shrink-wrapped box, personalized for each user.

User Device

Identity and access

Provide users with a seamless experience from onboarding to access, based upon their existing cloud identity. Using Jamf to ensure that trusted users are central to all access workflows on work devices.


Endpoint security

Everything required to harden endpoints, monitor compliance, protect against known and novel threats, stream rich analytics, and deliver a trusted access experience for end users.

Why Jamf?

With over 20 years of experience, Jamf is the only management and security solution of scale that remotely connects, manages, and protects Apple users and devices. Jamf helps you get more out of your entire ecosystem by:

  • Delivering an Apple-first, Apple-best experience
  • Providing capabilities designed to operate together from a single platform
  • Protecting organizational data anywhere it exists
  • Promoting productivity by not interrupting end user workflows
  • Remaining compatible and reliable with every new OS release
Why Jamf? Image

Manage and secure Apple at work

Management and security strategies must now go hand in hand. When users are allowed to be productive and creative, and organizations are confident that devices are safe and protected, their technology is doing what it's intended to do — simplifying work. Learn how Jamf takes this belief and brings it to life — simply.

Manage and secure Apple at work thumbnail

Manage and secure Apple at work 

Jamf bridges the gap between what Apple provides and what enterprises require, providing complete management and security solutions for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise-secure and consumer-simple while protecting personal privacy.

Trusted Access

Jamf is uniquely positioned to bring together the best of device management, user identity, and endpoint protection to deliver Trusted Access. Trusted Access is realized by:

  • Ensuring only enrolled, verified devices, both corporately-owned and BYO, can connect to critical business apps
  • Enabling security policies that revolve around cloud user identities, permissions and roles to safeguard sensitive data
  • Monitoring both on-device and in-network threats regardless of location and network
  • Assessing risk continuously to evaluate security hygiene, risk level of all devices and blocking access when a compromise is detected
  • Self service: company-owned app catalogue

Simplify work, protect devices, and data

Jamf is a one stop shop of solutions to manage and secure your entire fleet and deliver the Apple experience users want. The Jamf Business Plan bundles Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, and Jamf Protect to provide complete management and security at one flat rate per user

The Jamf Business Plan thumbnail

The Jamf Business Plan 

Product capabilities designed to operate together from a single platform.

Managed devices

Device management solutions for Apple

Jamf offers everything required to manage settings and configurations at scale to ensure users have a streamlined onboarding experience and secure baseline out of the box, along with comprehensive app management, giving users all the apps and tools they need to be productive. Capabilities that support this include:

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Application management
  • Inventory management
  • Self service: company-owned app catalogue
Device management solutions for Apple Image

Jamf Pro

Designed to automate mobile device management for you while driving end-user productivity and creativity, Jamf Pro is the Apple device management tool that empowers IT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified ecosystem management for Apple devices.

Maximize user productivity with powerful workflows thumbnail
Product Brochure

Maximize user productivity with powerful workflows 

If your environment calls for enterprise-level features and functionality, Jamf Pro is the answer.

Secure endpoints

Complete and holistic security solutions

Apple builds one of the most secure out-of-the-box platforms on the market. However, Apple's rapid growth and adoption in the enterprise makes Apple an increasingly appealing target for determined attackers. Jamf delivers true, purpose-built Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Therefore, security controls extend far beyond the office's network perimeter and change the experience of the modern workplace. Jamf connects users with their applications and protects devices from being compromised through mobile threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention, as well as covering endpoint compliance and antivirus needs by preventing malware.

Advanced Guide to Identity Management and Security thumbnail

Advanced Guide to Identity Management and Security 

It has become clear that it's time to rethink the traditional, perimeter-based security model. Better security starts here.

Security solutions

Jamf integrations

From SMB to larger enterprise organizations, our customers use a variety of enterprise tools to deliver a positive work and support experience for employees. The Jamf platform offers hundreds of integrations with tools to streamline IT processes — and it fits squarely into your technology stack.

Jamf Integrations image

Connect to your favorite tools and use Apple devices in new and exciting ways

Manage and secure Apple at work thumbnail

Manage and secure Apple at work 

Manage and secure your Apple devices, monitor compliances, protect against threats, and stream rich analytics.

Manage and secure identity and access for Apple at work thumbnail

Manage and secure identity and access for Apple at work 

Our integrated technology provides unified identity access across apps for modern seamless identity management.

Managing and securing Apple in the enterprise thumbnail

Managing and securing Apple in the enterprise 

Keep both users and data safe utilizing tools and solutions that simplify work environments. 

Definitive guide to Google Chrome for Apple Enterprise Fleet thumbnail

Definitive guide to Google Chrome for Apple Enterprise Fleet 

This guide helps to navigate the basics of deploying and configurating Chrome on iPad and iPhone.

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