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Trellix and SHI help businesses protect themselves from dynamic and complex security threats with integrated solutions that provide faster response times. Together, we are committed to providing resilient security so your SecOps teams can take proactive steps against potential attacks, allowing your business to focus on its ambitions. Our mission is to enable maximum protection for our customers without sacrificing their ambition.

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma talks about technology, and the evolution of cybersecurity.


Benefits of Trellix solutions through SHI

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Learning and adapting

Our living XDR ecosystem harnesses the power of AI/ML to adaptively strengthen detection, plus responds in real time to active threats, so your business continues as usual.

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Native and open

Our flexible, scalable platform with open APIs integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies, to deliver maximum visibility, control, and vendor choice.

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Expert and embedded

Our experts monitor and research threats and campaign activities, producing insightful and actionable threat intelligence on threat actors and their behavior.

Endpoint security

Trellix Endpoint Security learns and adjusts proactively through a continuous cycle of prevention, detection, and response against new threats and current attacks.

Keep your organization resilient with adaptive prevention that adjusts and responds in machine time to threats. Customers trust 75M endpoints to Trellix.

Protect and empower your workforce with an integrated security framework that protects every endpoint. Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) solutions apply proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle to keep your organization safer and more resilient.

The next evolution of endpoint protection

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Trellix Endpoint Protection Platform 

Apply proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle.

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2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for EPP 

Trellix ranks among the top vendors in terms of technical capabilities.

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Case study

Global company empowers cybersecurity team with Trellix 

Retailer gains deep visibility and immediate access into endpoints.

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Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) 

Purpose-built security for proactive threat management and proven security controls.

Security operations and analytics

With Trellix Security Operations, you can make your organization more resilient and confident. Filter out the noise and cut complexity to deliver faster, more effective SecOps. Integrate your existing security tools and connect with over 650 Trellix solutions and third-party products.

The need for effective SecOps solutions

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Trellix Security Operations and Analytics 

A highly efficient, integrated approach to improving your security posture.

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Taking control of security operations 

Three ways an intelligent, integrated approach can help streamline SecOps.

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Case study

Solving Security Challenges with Trellix solutions 

Trellix adopts XDR-based cybersecurity strategy for its SOC.

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What’s the real cost of a security breach? 

Today’s security threats are more sophisticated and costly than ever.

Data protection

Keep your information safe with a single integrated suite. Trellix Data Protection empowers your enterprise to discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data, centralize management and reporting, and synchronize on-premises and cloud policies. Gain confidence that your sensitive data is safe with Trellix Data Protection solutions.

Complete, intelligent data security

Increasing business and regulatory demands are placing pressure on organizations to ensure data security across the enterprise—in data centers and on devices. To keep your information safe and compliant, you need adaptable and complete data security.

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Take control of your security operations 

Gain comprehensive data loss prevention in one unified suite of products.

Network security

Protect networks, servers, and data centers with a living, learning solution. Trellix Network Security helps you detect the undetectable and stop evasive attacks. Trellix Network Security helps your team focus on real attacks, contain intrusions with speed and intelligence, and eliminate your cybersecurity weak points.

Protect across your network to the cloud

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Trellix Network Security 

Steer clear of costly cyberbreaches and other evolving threats.

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Trellix Network Security Datasheet 

Effective protection against cyberbreaches for midsize to large organizations.

Email Security

Identify and mitigate advanced email threats — including ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and phishing — with Trellix Email Security. You’ll get leading detection and response capabilities to build a trusted, resilient email environment.

Protect infrastructure wherever it is

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Trellix email security 

Protect against dynamic threats to keep your email infrastructure safe.

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Trellix email security – server 

Adaptive, intelligent, scalable protection from email threats.

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Trellix email security – cloud 

Comprehensive enterprise communication and collaboration security.

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