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Cloud WAAP

Discover the significance of cloud web application and API protection

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As cloud technology advances, so do the capabilities of cybercriminals.

Cloud web applications and APIs are the backbone of modern business operations. They enable seamless connectivity, data exchange, and user experiences. Organizations are increasingly relying on web applications to deliver services and interact with customers.

Whether you’re managing an e-commerce platform, a banking app, or a healthcare portal, web applications are the gateway to countless organizations’ services, making them prime targets for attacks. Having complete visibility in your cloud environment is a must, especially when it comes to security. Our cloud web application and API protection (WAAP) solutions are designed to secure your cloud-native applications and APIs from evolving threats. With cloud-native security, real-time threat detection, automated threat mitigation, scalable protection, and API security features, we help your organization gain a single, comprehensive view with SHI’s cloud WAAP services, safeguarding vulnerable APIs and web applications from advancing threats.

Two professionals examining a server rack in a data center with a binder in their hands.
Two professionals examining a server rack in a data center

Enhanced security and reduced risk exposure

Strengthen your security for cloud-native applications and APIs, protecting them from cyber threats and vulnerabilities, while reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and service disruptions.

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Real-time threat detection

Log4j, a critical remote code execution vulnerability in a Java library used by millions of applications, continues to be a vulnerability. According to Wiz research, “more than 89% of all environments have vulnerable Log4j libraries.” SHI’s solutions provide full coverage for this vulnerability across all covered clouds and workloads.

A person holding a laptop in a server room with rows of data racks on both sides

Bot protection

Defend against bot traffic and malicious automation with cloud WAAP services. Bot protection gives you a layered defense that protects risks such as web fraud, intellectual property theft, credential stuffing, and account takeover.

Two technicians examining a device in front of a server rack with cables and equipment

DDoS mitigation

Volume attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) and malicious bots put your organization at risk of poor user experiences, slowed or denied access, server outages, and monetary loss. SHI’s comprehensive cloud WAAP solution provides powerful protection against these types of attacks.

A professional individual holding a folder, with a laptop and a golden scale on the desk, in an office setting

Compliance assurance

Attack surface management (ASM) helps you meet compliance requirements by ensuring that your attack surface adheres to industry standards and regulations. Robust compliance prevents legal challenges and protects your company from reputational destruction.

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Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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Case study

National law firm adopts winning endpoint defense with SHI and SentinelOne 

When one of the largest injury law firms in the U.S. learned their cyber insurance required a robust modernization of their endpoint security strategy, their IT security team needed to identify the best solution to support a rapidly growing, nationwide team of 3,000+ employees – and fast.

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Case study

Growing healthcare provider offers specialized care with a simplified security solution  

A large healthcare provider underwent major changes, requiring a simplified cybersecurity solution to consolidate their sister companies and ease their growth, despite time constraints and expiring technology solutions.

Three people in medical attire working on a laptop
Case study

Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center 

A customer planned to consolidate four sites into a single 170,000-square-foot headquarters, and needed assistance with design, configuration, and implementation of a comprehensive network security solution to support 1,200 employees.

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