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Development, security, and operations – a necessity for secure, agile software

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Protect your software and applications with robust security.

Software development is a fast-paced world, where speed and security can sometimes feel like opposing forces. Organizations require rapid innovation and deployment, while cyber threats loom large.

DevSecOps is a necessary, transformative approach that melds development, security, and operations into a unified force to deliver secure software at the speed of business. Developers work with operations and security teams to integrate security earlier in the application lifecycle, adopting the “shift left” attitude.

Embracing a DevSecOps mindset means organizations can take advantage of technological advances without putting themselves and their customers at risk.

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Transform your DevOps team into an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive. When security isn’t at the center of development, teams become siloed, putting your organization at risk. DevSecOps emphasizes collaboration between development, security, and operations teams to ensure security is integrated seamlessly from the very start.

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Automate security checks, testing, and compliance processes, enabling faster and more reliable software delivery, and ensuring the code and configuration are secure. As automation eliminates manual processes, teams can be more productive and focus on delivering greater value.

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Continuous security

Security isn’t a one-time event; it’s continuous. DevSecOps integrates security checks and monitoring throughout the development lifecycle, which reduces risk and removes bottlenecks for faster releases.

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Risk mitigation

Identify and mitigate security risks early in the development process to reduce the likelihood of vulnerabilities and breaches without impacting the development cycle, leading to speed and agility.

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DevSecOps treats compliance as code, ensuring security and regulatory requirements are met through automated, version-controlled processes. This allows you to embed the core activities of compliance: prevent, detect, and remediate.

Bridging the gap between development, security, and operations

Organizations adopt DevSecOps practices to reduce the risk of releasing code with vulnerabilities. Programmers can ensure the code they use is free of these vulnerabilities, and the software can be tested before it is released to the consumer, protecting your business and your reputation.

Don’t wait for a security breach to take action. Partner with SHI to implement a robust vulnerability and risk management program to safeguard your organization. Your proactive efforts today can secure your future.

Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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Case Study

National law firm adopts winning endpoint defense with SHI and SentinelOne  

When one of the largest injury law firms in the U.S. learned their cyber insurance required a robust modernization of their endpoint security strategy, their IT security team needed to identify the best solution to support a rapidly growing, nationwide team of 3,000+ employees – and fast.

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Case Study

Growing healthcare provider offers specialized care with a simplified security solution 

A large healthcare provider underwent major changes, requiring a simplified cybersecurity solution to consolidate their sister companies and ease their growth, despite time constraints and expiring technology solutions.

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Case Study

Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center 

A customer planned to consolidate four sites into a single 170,000-square-foot headquarters, and needed assistance with design, configuration, and implementation of a comprehensive network security solution to support 1,200 employees.

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