Beyond cost savings: Discover the lasting benefits of SHI’s partnership with NRG Energy

Video Transcript: Beyond Cost Savings: The Lasting Benefits of SHI’s Partnership with NRG

It's not important that I work with a partner like SHI, it's it's important that I work with SHI.

Hi I'm Kim Hales, SVP and CIO at NRG energy, we are the number one home energy and services provider in North America. So it was 2017, a little bit later, I just become head of I.T. for NRG and we were at the beginning of our transformation program and involved a super aggressive Target of a 50 cost reduction. I came to quickly understand that SHI had been delivering for NRG and was going to be able to partner with us on this program and and ultimately play just a critical role in us delivering and achieving that goal. Oh I I remember that first meeting very vividly, you know I didn't want to take it. Again, I was really stressed out just trying to figure out how to slash and burn costs and not really understanding SHI not understanding the power that is Natalie.

You know I went to the meeting and pretty quickly Natalie caught me looking at my phone and you know she pivoted very quickly and said you know go to the go to the cost savings slide. So I kind of kind of looked up and sure enough it was basically here's the history of all the things that we have done together and it was very impressive. In fact it was a lot of things that I'd heard about from other people, but well not SHI. Natalie then said you know go to the next slide here's all your contracts that are coming up. We understand where you're at, we understand just how aggressive we have to cut. We really believe we can be part of that and and here's our targets and frankly we we think we can do even better than this. And you know she kept her word and SHI did an amazing job and you know again was just an absolute Keystone partner for us achieving really a miracle of of a 50 cost reduction in a year and a half.

I would say it's absolutely incredible what SHI can do for us, in that, when we are asking for solutions they very quickly can assemble a team and lay out all those options for us. And we can very quickly make that decision and move on. SHI has really helped us keep pace with new technology. We're still in the middle of our cloud journey and SHI came in early on did a cloud assessment with us. We created our Cloud Center of Excellence based off of that road map and they brought in further partners to help us create a truly robust plan to take us to really a high level of Cloud functionality and efficiency.

When it comes to a company like SHI, I'm sure there's others out there but there's none that is as genuine and committed to your long-term success that I've seen. I I can't imagine working with with anyone else to everyone at SHI, thank you, thank you for the incredible partnership, thank you for always being there for us, we would not be where we are without you.

Customer profile

NRG Energy, a leading home energy and services provider in North America.


In addition to significant cost savings, NRG Energy explains why they rely on SHI’s partnership for their digital transformation journey.

2500-10,000 employees  |  Business of IT  |  Cloud  |  Energy and Utilities  |  IT Lifecycle Management  |  Procurement  |  Software Licensing



Achieved a 50% cost reduction



Met aggressive goal to cut costs in a year and a half

Cloud journey icon

Cloud journey

Reached high level of cloud functionality and efficiency

SHI and NRG Energy partner to drive cost savings across the IT estate.


NRG Energy is the leading home energy and services provider in North America. A Fortune 500 company serving 7.3 million customers and 15,000 employees, they utilize advanced technologies to fuel a sustainable, innovative future – with goals of reducing CO2 emissions 50% by 2025 and achieving net zero by 2050.

When Kim Hales, SVP and CIO of NRG, became the head of IT in 2017, he joined in the early stages of their transformation program and faced an aggressive target of a 50% cost reduction. With a lofty goal to slash costs and not fully understanding SHI’s role, Kim met with Natalie Stomel, SHI Enterprise Account Executive.


With cost savings in mind, Natalie presented an impressive history of all that SHI and NRG have accomplished together, and then walked through all of NRG’s upcoming contracts and targets to cut costs. She understood NRG’s position and explained how SHI can play a major role in helping them achieve their goal.


Kim attributes SHI as an “absolute keystone partner” to help NRG achieve an amazing 50% cost reduction in a year and a half. When NRG asks for solutions, SHI quickly delivers, assembling a team with the best options to ease their decision making. NRG’s ability to move forward with efficiency, outfitted with the right technology for their business needs, enables their innovation and transformation.

Their cloud journey is a prime example of the powerful SHI and NRG partnership. Early on, SHI did a cloud assessment of their estate, and NRG utilized that road map to build their Cloud Center of Excellence. Along with our best-of-breed partners, SHI helped create a robust framework, taking NRG to a high level of cloud efficiency.

In addition to significant cost savings and greater efficacy, NRG found a partner they can rely on to solve what’s next in their digital transformation journey.

“When it comes to a company like SHI, I'm sure there are others out there, but there's none that is as genuine and committed to your long-term success that I've seen,” said Kim.

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“It's not important that I work with a partner like SHI. It's important that I work with SHI”

- Kim Hales, Senior Vice President and CIO, NRG Energy

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