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ChromeOS for business

ChromeOS is a cloud-first solution built to support modern workforces. Cloud profiles, regular background updates, and access to popular productivity and video conferencing apps helps employees work effectively from anywhere. Lower total cost of ownership, multiple layers of security, and ease of management free IT to have more impact. With updates every four weeks that happen in the background, devices stay up to date and secure without causing employee downtime. ChromeOS keeps modern workers connected and productive, whether they’re a frontline worker or knowledge worker, in office or remote.

ChromeOS device management

ChromeOS device management through Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS devices.

Businesses can purchase Chrome Enterprise Upgrade as a standalone product or ChromeOS Enterprise devices which come with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade device management license already included.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Feature Comparison Chart

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Feature Comparison Chart 

Compare features and capabilities of ChromeOS devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to those without.


Enhance your productivity with ChromeOS AI

ChromeOS seamlessly integrates AI into every aspect of the operating system and the applications you use daily. Discover a suite of built-in AI features designed to boost your productivity, heighten security, and unleash your creativity.

  • Operating system: Experience AI at the core of ChromeOS, featuring intelligent capabilities such as text prediction, translation, and robust phishing protection. These features streamline everyday tasks, making them more efficient and secure.
  • Applications: Amplify your productivity with AI features that enhance your workflow across Google Workspace and numerous web-based applications.
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Choosing the right ChromeOS device

To be productive and do their best work, employees need the right tools. Use this guide to select the right ChromeOS devices for your team members, based on the type of work they do and the specifications necessary to enable productivity from anywhere.

SHI's Zero Touch X Deployment Solutions supports ChromeOS, simplifying the process so your employees are connected and up to date with the latest hardware configurations.

ChromeOS Wayfinding Guide thumbnail
Wayfinding Guide

ChromeOS Wayfinding Guide  

This document walks you through four steps to help you choose the right ChromeOS device for each employee.

Extend the life of your PCs and Macs with ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex — the cloud-first, easy-to-manage, fast, and secure operating system–is allowing businesses to transform existing legacy devices at no cost. ChromeOS Flex is a sustainable way to try ChromeOS or expand your ChromeOS deployment.

ChromeOS Flex prevents existing devices from entering landfills by extending devices’ useful life and reduces the number of new devices your business needs to invest in to begin with. ChromeOS Flex impacts* your bottom line with:

  • 100% reduction in e-waste
  • 82% reduction in emissions
  • 94% cost savings

To try ChromeOS Flex, all businesses need is a USB drive to install on a device, or simply boot from the USB to try it out with no commitment necessary. Businesses can also enroll devices in Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to get enhanced device management capabilities.

*Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies, 2022

ChromeOS for contact centers

Deploying ChromeOS enables contact centers to be cloud-first and agile while improving agent productivity, securing business data, and supporting IT teams with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

Following industry best practices and working with Google technology, SHI's experts are uniquely positioned to help you select, deploy, and manage the ideal solution for your organization's needs. SHI's experts will help you strategize, assess, deploy, and upgrade or migrate your desktop virtualization solution to ensure a successful implementation that meets all your business and end-user goals.

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ChromeOS kiosk and digital signage solutions

There’s no room for error with your kiosks and digital signage. If screens freeze or fail to load the right content, it costs your employees time and deteriorates customer trust. That’s why leading brands are leaving slow, costly, and hard-to-manage traditional operating systems behind—and embracing the speed and cloud-based simplicity of ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex.

Google Kiosk

ChromeOS Resources

SHI x ChromeOS - Hybrid Work One-Pager thumbnail

SHI x ChromeOS for small business 

ChromeOS is a business-friendly operating system that saves you time, money, and hassle.

SHI x ChromeOS - VDI Solutions thumbnail

SHI x ChromeOS - VDI Solutions 

ChromeOS enables your IT team to realize the true potential of virtualization.

Securing your business with ChromeOS just got easier thumbnail

SHI x ChromeOS security: data protection 

Securing your business with ChromeOS just got easier.

Chrome Enterprise Digital Sustainability Thought Leadership Guide thumbnail

Chrome Enterprise Digital Sustainability Thought Leadership Guide 

A guide to making cloud-first tech choices to benefit the planet, your people, and your profitability.

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